Why Choose Us?


  • We believe knowledge is the key to the "Joy of Dance."

  • Our students are taught the fundamentals of dance for ease of movement and to avoid injuries.

  • Progressive classes - we build upon the new skills the dancers have learned each year.

  • The students are challenged at every level.

  • Qualified and experienced teachers.

  • Open school week twice yearly to observe your student's progress.

  • Combination classes for 3/4 & 5/6 yr. olds.

  • Full hour classes for children over 7 yrs. of age.

Combination classes for older children are never recommended. With time restraints, proper technique cannot be solidified and progress will be hampered. Although it may seem you are getting more for your money, in actuality, it will take the dancer much longer to become proficient in either form of dance.



  • Two studios with full floating, maple wood dance floors to help avoid fatigue and injury. (When dancing or exercising, the floors give with movement, thereby resulting in less stress to the body).

  • Spacious reception area, dressing room and 2 bathrooms.

  • Air conditioned and mirrored dance rooms.

  • On-site beverage sales available.


Customer Service

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient reception staff.

  • Receptionist available during class hours.

  • Well organized payment system.

  • We keep you apprised of all important events.

  • All uniform dancewear is available at the studio.

  • Monthly payments can be made in cash to avoid additional fees.



  • One dance and one costume for each class (No marathon recitals).

  • There are no required number of tickets to purchase.

  • Moms are not required to help backstage. You can enjoy the show from the audience!

  • Tasteful costumes for all age groups.

  • Beautiful professional pictures with at least three poses to choose from.

  • Two camera, edited DVD available.

Mom 60th bday dress.jpeg
Miss Christine, Artistic Director
Miss Nicole & Miss Cassidy, Office Staff
Cass and Colie 2018.jpeg