Hear It From The Dancers!

"The past four years as your student

have been great. You made me a better

dancer and a better person."


"Your contribution and your devotion to the world of dance are one of a kind."


"These past four years have been great. I have learned so much. I'm glad you are my teacher."


"You taught me about respect, loyalty

and to never let go of your dreams,

and always reach for your goals."


"Thank you for finding the dancer

in me."


"I'm such a good dancer all thanks to you! I hope my journey continues with you because you make me a whole lot happier."


"You are my biggest and most important inspiration. You encouraged me to try

my very hardest."


"Great Expectations taught me 3 major things: how to be a well-trained dancer, how to be a better person, and most importantly that dancing is more satisfying as a passion than a competition." 


"You inspire me to believe in myself because you always believed in your students. You taught me not only

about dance but about life."


"You have given my daughter

confidence and self-assurance. I

have always admired your shows for their precision and class."


"Your strength and devotion for your art form of dance, has been a tremendous inspiration for me. You are a Star in my eyes that will shine through my heart on every stage I ever step foot on."


"Being with you these 9 years of my life, I've realized that you are like another mother to me and the dance studio became my home away from home. I learned that we dance to entertain and have fun and that's so much better than having to dance to win a trophy."


"We love you so very much and we've shown this love through our dancing. Dancing isn't just for fun, dance is life, passion and when you dance with Miss Christine you give it your all!"


"We have all learned that dance is not  only a hobby, but it is something that

you have to work and sweat for...and of course have fun in. Dancing at Great Expectations for 9 years has been exciting and I have experienced and learned a LOT."


"You inspire me to be my best, to

always strive for excellence and to

"work it" to achieve my goals."


"Because of you I have the confidence to stand in an auditorium full of people shining my own bright star."


"The fact that I am disciplined in everything that I do comes from all the years that I spent dancing. It has given me much grace and style. You have played a major role in making me who I am today."


"You taught all of us the value of hard work and discipline while nurturing our love for dance, always encouraging us to do our best."


"I don't know what my daughter's future holds, but the lessons you've taught her, and the memories you have given me, will last a lifetime."


"You have been the shooting star that

has guided me through dancing and through life. Thank you for giving us all the gift of dance. Thank you you for having patience....plenty of patience

and thank you for always being there."


"You have such an influence on all the students, young and old. You have encouraged them all reach for their Greatest Expectations. You have taught them discipline not only of dance, but

of life. When your students leave, they

leave with confidence and the know

how of reaching a goal."


"Every single time I step on stage to perform, I think of you, I think of your energy as a performer, and your tolerance as a teacher. I think of how wonderful it is to be able to express love through movement....only someone as special as you could have taught me such and intricate yet breathtaking ability."