Classes Offered

Class Descriptions

Kids' Combo Classes

  • Two classes (ages 3-4 and 4-6)

  • Combination of Tap/Ballet

Beg Ballet

  • Learning the basics of ballet and creating a solid foundation

  • Ages 6+

Intermediate Ballet

  • Some ballet experience necessary

  • Using the basics to create more complex movements

Advanced Ballet

  • Highest level of training offered

  • Combining beautiful technique with musicality to create fluidity 

Beg Tap

  • A class for novices in tap

  • Creating a base of beginner tap steps

  • Ages 6+

Intermediate Tap

  • ​Some experience required

  • Using base steps to learn sequence and rhythms 

Advanced Tap

  • Highest level of training offered

  • Utilizing music to create complex rhythms with our feet to match!

Beg Teen Tap

  • A  novice-level class designed for teenagers interested in tap dancing

  • Learning the basics and working at a quickened pace 

  • Ages 13+

Beg Jazz

  • Learning basic technique and the necessary foundation

  • Ages 6+

Intermediate Jazz

  • A mid-level class for mildly experienced dancers

  • Using technique to learn basic jumps, turns, and combinations

Advanced Jazz

  • Highest level offered 

  • Learning more advanced jumps and turns 

  • Incorporating smoother movement and transitions into dance

Beg Teen Jazz

  • A novice-level class designed for teenagers who are new to jazz dance

  • Learning the basics while moving at a slightly accelerated pace

  • Ages 13+

Beg Acrobatics

  • A brand new class for learning how to strengthen your body

  • Learning basic tricks

  • Ages 6+

Advanced Acrobatics

  • Experience required

  • Learning more advanced tricks 

  • Incorporating acrobatics into choreography

Beg Hip Hop

  • A brand new class for younger dancers

  • Learning basic hip hop moves and grooves

  • Ages 6+

Advanced Hip Hop

  • For older, more experienced dancers

  • Learning how to interact with and engage the audience

  • Learning to switch their styles according to the music 


  • A stress-free and fun aerobic class!

  • Latin-based music 

  • Adult, pay-as-you-go class

Victoria acro 2018.jpeg
Intermediate Acrobatics, 2018
Advanced Musical Theater, 2018
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