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Staten Island is offering your kids an opportunity to


Discover A New Creative Experience

Enjoy an interactive class experience, where your children participate and learn about different types of dance.


  • Help your children discover an understanding of the benefits of dance. 
  • Have one hour of fun in a safe environment.
  • Learn how dance relates to the world around us.
  • Taught by an experienced teacher in a professional dance studio.
  • Easily accessible - Reasonable rates & fun for everyone.


What the kids are saying about D.A.N.C.E.

I had fun today. I thought it would be boring, but you proved me wrong.  
- Tyrelle

You were right, people do like to dance! I had a pleasurable time at your dance studio.
- Kaity

Thank you for showing us the stuff that the dancer works with, like the shoes and the dance barre.
- Star

I liked when all of us did the stretches, it made me feel good. I'm gonna try those stretches at home so I can get better at them.
- Michael

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