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Great Expectations is a wonderful place to learn and grow where friendship and camaraderie are encouraged. Children are our greatest assets, our diamonds in the rough. As such, they are treated with special care to help them shine. We also are well aware of the commitment our parents make to their children. Rest assured, the staff at Great Expectations will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Dance is a lifetime activity. It has the ability to make little ones improve coordination and learn patterns. It teaches the elementary school children good posture, balance and a sense of timing. It helps to give pre-teens confidence and grace. Teenagers understand dedication to a purpose or goal. All students learn that with discipline and determination they can truly be good at whatever they choose. Dancers also see the value of those same qualities in getting accepted to and earning scholarships for colleges of their choice. For the adults, it is a great way to exercise not only the body but, also the mind. Dance is a mental skill as much as a physical one. DANCE OFFERS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! We believe that anyone can learn how to dance, if given the right opportunity. Each person's skill level is determined by their own effort and natural ability.

Under the tutelage of Miss Christine, dancers have grown up at this studio for the past 30 years. Some have the knowledge and creativity to choreograph their schools' 'Sing' or for community theater. Many have performed locally and others have gone on to professional careers. Regardless of what the goal for the future was, each child was given the same dedication to instruction. Once the goal was clear, the foundation had already been laid. As choreography styles change with the times, solid technique remains the foundation of a great dancer. Our mission is to teach our dancers proper technique with artistry, so they can achieve their goals whether they aspire to be a professional or are just dancing for pleasure. Our hope is that your experiences here at Great Expectations will rival that of so many of our wonderful students!

Great Expectations also has wonderful facilities and customer service. When you enter the spacious reception area, you will be greeted by the office staff, who are knowledgeable, caring and efficient! The studio is equipped with two full floating, maple wood floors, two bathrooms and a dressing area.

As a parent of 4 children, the director knows something about saving time. All uniforms and costumes are purchased through the studio. There is no need to run from store to store looking for the right products. The dancers are dressed in uniform each lesson, so there are no decisions to make on what to wear and no further costs for a new look! Miss Christine reminds you that, "we work to make your life easier"! Staten Island dance at its best!

Our Director


Miss Christine started her dancing career at her neighborhood dance school. She learned to instruct others by closely assisting her teacher. As an adult she continued to study and teach. That road led to a career in show business. Miss Christine traveled the USA and the Far East for many years before settling down in Staten Island. Since coming to the Island, she and her dancers have served the community by performing at homes for the elderly, church fairs, and PTA functions for over 25 years. Besides bringing her company "Music in Motion" to the local nursing homes to perform, she currently teaches Zumba Gold with the residents. Miss Christine has been the resident choreographer for the Susan E. Wagner Theater Department for the past 10 years. The shows she has choreographed are West Side Story, Grease, 42nd Street, Annie, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, In the Heights, Anything Goes--for which she won the National Youth Arts award for Choreography--, Legally Blonde, and Guys and Dolls. Miss Christine and her husband, Marty are the proud parents of four children all of whom have been raised in this socially positive and diverse atmosphere.

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